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​​​​​U.S. PATRIOT​ SAILING Non-profit  501(c)(3) 

** U.S. PATRIOT Sailing does not accept yacht donations for the direct purpose of fundraising.  Racing yachts accepted will be maintained and operated for at least three years in direct support of the mission.  

 To Discuss sponsorship further please email us at contact@uspatriotsailing.org or complete a contact form so we can give you a call.

*All volunteers serve at the discretion of the U.S. PATRIOT Sailing, Inc. Board of Directors. Sponsorship and official association is accepted and continued at the discretion U.S. PATRIOT Sailing, Inc. Board of Directors.


Host the Team at your club

Meal Prep

Team Lodging

Provide Dockage

Maintenance Support

Facilities Access

Local Transportation

On-water support team


Racing Tactics 

On-Water Medic

Offshore Coaching

At the Dock

Dock Team

Boat Management

Events Planning


Boat Maintenance

Administrative Support

Corporate Support

Yacht Donation **

Team Uniforms


Safety Gear

Facilities Access

Fundraiser Events



Our Team is a volunteer effort.

We need your help to succeed!