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2011- British Soldier competed in the Atlantic Ocean Racing Series from the Caribbean, along the East Coast of the USA, plus a trans-Atlantic race and the famous Fastnet race. This endeavor involved 69 serving crew members and covered 11,000 miles.  

 Below are a few unaffiliated efforts in the U.S. and across the oceans -  all recognizing the benefit competitive sailing can offer Veterans.

Ronnie Simpson : (U.S. Disabled Veteran)
2012 Trans-PAC solo winner/ Sydney Hobart veteran: Ronnie Simpson's story and personal accomplishments and goals, epitomize the reasons competitive sailing is a great environment for Disabled Veterans! Ron is currently sailing the Pacific, racing and writing about his journey . Follow him at www.openbluehorizon.com and www.ronniesimpsonracing.com

Toe in the Water  - (United Kingdom)

The U.K. program was founded in 2008 and completed its mission in 2015.

  Toe in the Water has been very successful and was directly incorporated into Soldiers rehabilitation treatment as part of the Defense Ministry Medical Treatment. Their positive impact is undeniable!     www.toeinthewater.org


U.S. PATRIOT Sailing's primary activities center on "Big Boat" racing - on sailboats ranging from 30-70ft.

For training and inshore racing the program offers access to weekly local racing series  and multiple weekend regattas. 

Further, U.S. PATRIOT Sailing looks for opportunities to place Veterans on performance teams when U.S. PATRIOT Sailing is not registered for the event. 

U.S. PATRIOT Sailing, Inc

Non-profit 501-(c)(3)

Founded: 2013 

Proof of Concept!  

 Soldier On - Sail  (Australia)

The Australian's effort accomplished the "Everest Of Sailing" this year by competing in the Sydney Hobart Regatta. Well Done, Mates!  www.soldieron.org.au

Sailing provides a unique environment where Veterans of all abilities and ages can come together to compete as a Team; navigate dynamic challenges; experience healthy adrenaline, excitement, calm and peace; and enjoy camaraderie - all in one event. 

How Competitive Sailing Supports our Veterans