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SPIRIT (B25) arrives in SAN DIEGO! 

Team "SPIRIT" has moved West to San Diego and is currently organizing our newest chapter. Interested in helping form the new team? Send us your contact info via the Veteran tab above!

LOCKHEED MARTIN supports Veterans in Annapolis: 2017 St. Mary's Governor's Cup 
Lockheed Martin has chosen US PATRIOT Sailing as a recipient of their 2017 Maryland Community Relations Grant.  We are grateful for their sponsorship and will be putting the grant to immediate use getting Veterans on the water this weekend in the St. Mary's Gov Cup Regatta.  Look out for the two US PATRIOT Sailing entries from Annapolis - Dailey Tipton's BLOWFISH and Gus Ward's CROCODILE. 

Competitive Sailing for Wounded & Combat Veterans

We Need your Support


PO Box 6202 Norfolk, VA 23508

Team is the core of any military experience.  After deployment and retirement, many Veterans no longer have access to the small unit environment so fundamental to military life.      

   Sailing offers a unique environment where Veterans of all ages can enjoy camaraderie; compete as a team; navigate dynamic challenges;  experience healthy adrenaline; and find excitement, calm and peace all in one event!


MISSION:   To support Wounded and Combat Veterans by integrating individuals into a winning TEAM - providing camaraderie, mission accomplishment, and new dynamic experiences - and to create a supportive and 

understanding community, ready to help Veterans navigate the hardships of transition and rehabilitation after injury.

Get Involved: There are many opportunities for you to make a positive impact and show your support!

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